Meria With Dr. Neal Barnard “The Cheese Trap”

3/8/23 Meria With Dr.Neal Barnard “The Cheese Trap” Eye opening show about cheese with Dr. Neal Barnard founder of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, on his latest book “The Cheese Trap How Breakig a Surprising [...]

Awaken With Meria and Monnica

2/21/23 Awaken With Meria and Monnica. So far 2023 has been a bear! How’s your year going so far? Common complaints; look at negatives as lessons to learn; stay centered in the light; got aches and pains? Solutions given. Memory worries? [...]

Meria With Dr.Neal Barnard “Your Body In Balance”

1/29/20 Meria with Dr.Neal Barnard, President of Physicians for Responsible Medicine. Today we talk about his latest book to be released Feb. 4 “Your Body In Balance:The New Science of Food, Hormones, and Health”. Human hormones [...]

Meria with Dr. Neal Barnard -Reversing Diabetes

3/27/19 Meria interviews Dr.Neal Barnard on his book “Dr.Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes“. What Dr.Barnards earlier book on Breaking the Food Seduction did for Meria; the epidemic of diabetes; will everyone get [...]

Cleaning House – Literally

 6/8/17 Meria interviews Myrna Atha and is joined by her daughter Gia too. Myrna is a champion of green clean living. Air, Water,Food, but what about our homes? pollution in our homes and bodies; are you damaging your immune system thinking [...]