Meria With The News

10/18/21 Meria With The News. The Deification of Colin Powell begins; Calif & Lake Tahoe dry; blaming the unvaccinated for shipping problems; going nuts at sea; trumps civil lawsuits mount; Sinema-poser; Machin -poser; labor strikes; Israel; [...]

Meria With the News

9/23/21 Meria With the News. Sr.Diplomat quits Biden over inhumane treatment of Haitians; horses & whips; brown shirts ala Villanueva; trumps 6 pt. memo to overthrow the election; trump knew; Yemen starving; Wolf hunt? $2.13 an hour -quit; [...]

Meria With The News

9/20/21 Meria With the News. Intl travelers required to have the shot; Manchin; Texas race; Implosion of the “supreme” court; Emmy’s white as usual; S&P drops; Roe vs. Wade; Pfizer shot not all that; Pfizer pulls anti [...]

Meria With The News

9/9/21 Meria With The News. Biden to require federal employees to get the shot; no vaccine,no school? even online? Kabul Airport; Biden fires trump appointees; death threats; Calif recall; abortion ban to cost Texas; AOC  vs. Abbott; death [...]

Meria with Bev Conover, Intrepid Report

8/31/21 Meria with Bev Conover, Editor/Publisher of The Intrepid Report. Katrina vs. Ida; Biden vs.Bush; evacuating Lake Tahoe; bridge collapse in Miss.; insurance a disaster; covid; roll of the dice; Afghanistan – Bush’s war thanks [...]