Meria With Kathryn Tristan – Why Worry?

2/13/13 Meria interviews Kathryn Tristan, author of “Why Worry? Stop Coping and Start Living”. Kathryn’s history with anxiety, panic attacks; illogical to a scientist; worry is a choice; most of what we worry about never happens (85%); rewiring the brain; anger,worry,guilt and blame; the need to express emotions, not be controlled by them; how to cope; stress busters; an attitude of gratitude; can worry be healthy? terriblizing or possiblizing; self fulfilling prophecies; “we plan, god laughs”; lose the need to control; how to deal with worry over finances; living in the present; watch for the signs; happy talk; primary programming; giving away your power; mental marinade; anti-depressants; junk food; talk therapy; exercise to get those endorphins flowing; spirituality-the missing link; neurotheology and lots more.





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15 Responses to "Meria With Kathryn Tristan – Why Worry?"

  1. christine powell says:

    Thank you so much for this! Truthfullly, I was setting at my desk completely stressed as I worried about some news I just recieved 30 mintues before. I was told that our office “may” be relocating to an office across town. Which would make my drive to work go from 30 minutes to 45/55 minutes plus traffic. Completely away from my beloved downtown area where I am in 5 min walk from my favorite book, herbs and tea shops. This is something I am not happy about and was thinking.. is this a sign I need to find a new job. I been thinking the universe has been telling me that since December. Anyway, I was so upset about the whole “what if” that I was really feeling stressed. Then your email came. 🙂 So much of this interview hit home for me. I’m not stressed about this possible move… admittly I am still not happy about this but why worry, right. Everything will work out just as it should.

  2. Meria says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Sent your note on to Kathryn. hugs

  3. Patricia Braunschweiler says:

    Thank you to you and Kathryn for a wonderful show! I love the expression, “learn to possibilize not terribilize”. Another “must buy” book!

  4. Meria says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! we did too.

  5. Wilma Sachenbacher says:

    Great show. I have always worried needlessly too. If I don’t have anything to worry about, I find something. My brain works overtime looking for negitive things. With constant practice, I am getting much better now in retraining my mind toward the positive. It’s something I work on everyday. I know I have angels and spirit guides that are with me all the time and I rely on their help to help me rely on myself to remain in the now. I’m always asking the Universal God and Goddess who is co-creator with God to help me with one thing or another everyday.

    I say thank you to Kathryn for reinforcing what I need to hear over and over again.

  6. Meria says:

    Glad you enjoyed it. As humans we all find ourselves worrying needlessly at different times. I thought this show would be a big help to all.

  7. Andi S says:

    I have a sign in my house that says “So?”

    It’s for those times when I have a “what if’ dilemma.

    When a “what if” question comes up, I just look at the sign.

    And I found it’s true – most of the “what if’s” never happen, and those that do aren’t half as bad as you think they might be.

  8. Meria says:

    I like it!

  9. Andi S says:

    Vernon Howard is good on this subject as well


  10. Deborah Alexander says:

    Definitely timely – ALWAYS timely – to consider these great ideas and techniques to deal with the fears that sneak into our brains when we feel least empowered to handle them. The fact is that we are in charge of all of this, not the reverse..

  11. Valeriesuniverse2 says:

    Thank you Meria for having Kathryn Tristan on your program about two months ago.

    I listened to the program today for the first time and I thought it was excellent. I do feel I have improved my worry quotient from where it was some years ago. I have concerns. But I work on not letting them consume me. And then there are times when you have a sinking feeling about something. As mentioned in this interview, these things will happen. I have done a better job re-minding myself to differentiate when I am experiencing a sinking feeling about something or worrying beyond what is necessary. I know some people who worry enough. I will certainly recommend Kathryn Tristan’s book. This was a great topic to cover and a valuable interview. ~peace & smiles~

  12. Meria says:

    thank you Valerie. I try to keep a wide variety of shows coming (not easy after almost 14 years) and things I feel my audience would relate to. If I do, I figure they will. Glad you enjoyed it. In a world of fear 24/7 it’s more important than ever to be informed.hugs

  13. andyirbuchan says:

    This is my personal favourite of all the shows on your site. Just had a very difficult meeting with my mother — meetings with her are always difficult, she’s what can only be described as a “spiritual-paranoid-delinquent” — and I was drawn back to this show. It cleared the cobwebs! Have sent you a donation in gratitude.

  14. Meria says:

    thank you! I try to keep the variety in the shows so there’s something for everyone!

  15. jacgan says:

    Listened to this podcast today and was very impressed. Full of hope and logic. Thank you.

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