Meria With The News

10/21/21 Meria With The News. Students grades drop; 76% increase in Anti-Asian hate crimes; veterans; trump dummies; “Truth Social”; vaccinating kids; Dave Chappelle; women in Afghanistan and Malaysia; climate change & disease; [...]

Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli

10/12/21 Hell & High Water, with Meria & Chuck Ochelli. From Halloween to discrimination; “trust the science” as aspirin is no longer recommended; recession coming? the job backfire; promises made, not kept; supply chain [...]

Meria With Deane Waldman, MD,MBA – Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare

10/5/21 Meria With Deane Waldman, MD, MBA -Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare Dr. Waldman joins Meria to discuss his book “Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare, StatesCare & Market-Based Medicine”. Who is this book for? medicine [...]

Meria With The News

10/4/21 Meria With the News. Oil spill in California; Pandora Papers exposes all the crooks; Koch vs. Biden; Marches for abortion rights; SCOTUS tries to defend itself; f/b whistleblower; Bolsonaro protests; Natl. Guard in hospitals; Duterte [...]

Meria With the News

8/19/21 Meria With The News. Abortion laws; Govt targets BLM, not insurrectionists; Haiti; Afghanistan; more losses for trump; Sackler’s; booster shots; mandates grow; Twitter; MTG; Boebert; fires; drought; US puppet Ghani runs away; [...]