Hell & High Water, with Meria & Chuck Ochelli

7/13/21 Hell & HighWater, with Meria & Chuck Ochelli. Weisselberg fired- will he flip? loyalty one way with trump; Bill Cosby out on procedure; Harvey Weinstein; “Summer of Soul” 1969 Harlem Music Festival cancelled for [...]

Meria With The News

6/28/21 Meria With The News. US airstrikes; Afghanistan; Delta corona; over a  million  damaged by vaccines worldwide; Chavin gets 22 1/2 yrs; Florida Condo collapses; heat wave; charges for trump Org; jail trump; trumps latest public therapy [...]

Meria With The News

5/31/21 Meria With the News. Memorial Day; Tucker loses advertisers; more mass shootings; Ousting Netanyahu/Bolsonaro; Texas; Mike Flynn wants a coup; flying; Tulsa Massacre; bribes for vaccinating? Covid’s origin/cover up; vaccine damages; [...]

Meria With The News

5/27/21 Meria With The News. Grand Jury convenes on trump; AOC & MTG; Scientology; Taliban; troop withdrawal; fake vaccine cards; investigating origin of Covid? Israel’s war crimes; ICE; rule by white male minority; lawsuits abound; [...]

Meria With the News

5/3/21 Meria With The News. Brazil to hold Bolsonaro accountable; boat sinks; more police brutality; herd immunity not possible; Moscow; Crooked Cruz; Yahoo & AOL; Scots investigate trump; Olympia Dukakis dead; Duggar; drug co’s reap [...]