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                   Relationships: Cutting to the Chase. by Meria Heller (c) 2013
                                                                                         (Foreward by David Icke)
After living over six decades and doing private consultations with people worldwide Meria has written an all-encompassing book on  relationships.
How to have a healthy relationship and increase your own personal happiness. This book tells you all you need to know to have a healthy relationship and the most important relationship you will ever have in your life.
Everything you need to know in under 70 pages! Meria feels this is her best book ever and EVERYONE you interact with should have a copy.
Soft cover books only available in person and for Meria’s students.


I received your most interesting Ebook on “Relationships” withouta glitch, on the pdf attachment.I’m retired and live alone in the woods, happy with my circumstances

in life.

Yet there is still much to learn about relationships at any age.It would have been helpful to have your book in my youth when such

frank counseling was unheard of. Nevertheless, it gave me great satisfaction to read about your perspectives on relationships.

It has been said that, “Clear writng requires clear thinking.” Your writing is direct, straight, and clear. You also kept your message

short and in a lighthearted way that captures and holds the  reader’s attention.-Clarence


Meria, this book is OUTSTANDING!!!  Here and there I have read [some of] or skipped through a book about relationships.  I don’t believe I finished any of them.  I read your book straight through and was “completely engaged” by the content on each page.  Sharing your experiences combined with the immeasurable vast of knowledge without presenting it in a protracted fashion was brilliant. I was left feeling ‘uplifted’.  Finally, an author is telling it the way it should be told.  Some of what you shared I suspect people wonder about but never explore because of society’s expectations, religion, for example, or what we have been taught (by a variety of sources or people), as you explained so thoroughly. Thank you for this very important contribution to human understanding.  You are the best!  ~Valerie NJ/WA

Your Relationships book is also helping many people in my immediate circle. I gave one to a friend who, at age 50, is still being tortured by the members of her family of origin. With just one sentence in your book, she had an “aha” moment. When you said that maybe your parents only served as your portal into the world and really aren’t in any other way connected with you, she took a deep breath and released a boatload of burdensome lifelong pain.. – Deb

I read this book and it was one of the best I have read on relationships. It was told honestly and practically with common sense. Great job Meria!!- Lisa

Feedback from reader in UK:

I’ve just had the pleasure of reading this over the afternoon and have to say ‘Mission Accomplished’, packed with sound advice no matter what your current situation and past experience. I found it incredibly healing.

Well done Meria! and thank you
Shaun, UK

I read your e-book this morning. It is simple and insightful! Thanks a mil!!…I did enjoy and will go over it again! – Anne, So.Africa

Meria – I love your book.  If all Mothers were like you, this would be a saner world.  Thanks for sharing your insights – Valerie

Hi Meria,
I have been reading through your Relationships book and wow! again what an eye opener, often what we know is wrong!!!-Raymond


Hi Meria!
I already told you how much I enjoyed your book, “Relationships….”. I gave a copy to a friend
of mine who was having a “relationship problem”…This is what she wrote to me about it. I
thought you would like to see how much people appreciate your book.

I am so sorry that I keep forgetting to tell you how much I enjoyed the book, I want to buy it and send to every female friend I have. I read it at just the right time when all the cob webs from my silly relationship was finally over and it really opened my eyes to all sorts of things. It should be a must read for everyone before they begin a relationship. Thanks for sharing it with me. I want to get it to send to my sisters as well as friends do I just go on her website or did you get it from the bookstore? I even made a list of important points that I want to share with my sons so that they do not walk the same path that I walked. Nip a bad relationship in the bud before it really takes off too far in the wrong direction. Great read and quick and to the point just like I like it.
Again thanks so much for sharing “Relationships, Cutting to the Chase”….

You are such a treasure…I have read half your book today and i say it REALLY boil everything down to its essence. Its a GREAT read in a simplistic spot on clear way.
My own experiences have made me come to many of your conclusions. Its just such a fantastic tool to have along the journey of every day life…
You really contribute to all of us…



Reiki, East As 1, 2, 3 – Separating Ego From Reality Where Reiki Is Concerned.



Tired of all the clap trap and hoopla where Reiki is concerned? Meria has simplified it to make it easy for everyone to understand and use.  Thank you!
Now Available in EBook formats: html or PDF, your choice!
Great show with explanation of what Usui Reiki is on site – recorded 4/23/19.

Reiki Book

Gosh Meria, your distant healing is extremely powerful! It was 8;30 this morning my time (that’s 1;30am your time) when I felt a tingle. Actually it was more than a tingle – I felt my whole nervous system being soothed and healed. I was just on my way out but felt the need to lie on the sofa for half an hour before leaving when I felt the healing coming through. In fact I could have stayed there for a few hours..  I’ll perhaps have to adjust my days to rest a bit in the mornings  if the effect of the healing continues to be so strong. At this rate I can see how I could pretty much be well within the next month!
In fact the session itself felt like a healing. And the good thing is I realised that I was healing myself by speaking to you my truth  which I was able to do because your energy resonated with that part of me which knows the truth and knows my power. So it was really healing for me to express that. I had forgotten the power of the Spirit to heal any physical dis-ease. And you reminded me. Thank you so much Meria.
with much appreciation for all your great work-Fiona




The Universal Wheel: Tool of Global Unity.
Problems everywhere – ALL the solutions RIGHT HERE. Simple spirituality and environment answers to all the world’s problems. Easy, fun and powerful. Come dance the wheel. Get your copy/copies today! If you want to change the world, start with your own world first. There is nothing more powerful than working with and within a Universal Medicine Wheel.
 Available in EBook format, either HTML or PDF, you choose!

  Thank you!

Universal Wheel Book


I just finished reading your book and wanted to let you know how much I loved it! Thank you for sharing your insight with the rest of the world. I found the book exactly like you described, “like coming home.” It is exactly what I needed in my life…I have created a wheel for myself and have been using it everyday for the past 7 days. The very first day I used it (1 week ago, last Saturday), I prayed for a permanent job. 30 minutes later, the phone rang and a company in scottsdale called me for an interview on Monday. The interview went so well but they said they wouldn’t make a decision for a week. I was impatient and feeling discouraged but continued to pray for the job offer sooner. Tuesday morning, they called me and offered me the job…of course it was 30 minutes after I prayed at my wheel! Come to find out, they tried to call me Monday night but I didn’t recognize the number and didn’t answer the call! Anyway, I start my new permanent job this Wednesday and wanted to share the great news!I wanted to let you know that I adore you and your book! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, your knowledge and shedding so much light on my life! When I read the part in your book about “searching for so long”, I feel the same way! When I learned about the Universal Wheel, something inside me told me and felt as if “YES! I have come home!” -Victoria

The Thirteen Stones of the Universal Wheel Video/DVD.

Full length teaching video on the Universal Medicine Wheel and how to build one and work it. Shot on the beautiful Arizona Desert.


Wheel Video



The Awakening of an American


The Awakening Of An American: How My Country Broke My Heart
Waking up to real truth  can be a painful experience. This book makes it a whole lot easier!
Out of Print. 


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