Meria With Anthony J. Hilder – the Brotherhood of Death

Anthony J. Hilder

3/20/12 Meria interviews Anthony J. Hilder, journalist, filmmaker on his career and work. We are fed so many lies on a daily basis; the Illuminazi’s; Ron Paul not really in the race; The Republican party – Rockefeller’s private club; Goldwater knew too much; one party system;Obama/Romney; The US heroin trade in Afghanistan; what is an anti-semite? 3rd World War on deck; nano particulates in chemtrails and we pay for it; smart meters-class 2 carcinogens; fluoridation;killing  the food supply; death dumps; “Skull & Bones, the Catholic Connection”; Bohemian Grove; Luciferian god; Masons; Satanic agenda; politics by design; zionazi’s; US crimes against humanity; Who’s at the top of the food chain? and much more.











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9 Responses to "Meria With Anthony J. Hilder – the Brotherhood of Death"

  1. Edward Safranski says:

    Great show Meria. I’ve read both of the books you discussed, Trance Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien, and the other one, Barack Obama – Sex, Lies, Cocaine and Murder by Larry Sinclair. Both excellent. I also recommend Thanks for the Memories by Bryce Taylor aka Susan Ford. Maybe you could interview all of those authors sometime. Sinclair describes himself as a “flaming faggot.” He only contacted Obama when he was president to request him to come out of the closet. Sinclair wanted to advance the status of gays, and a bi-sexual president would do the trick. Instead Sinclair was endlessly harassed, especially when it came to exposing the murder of Obama’s boyfriend, the gay choirmaster at the Chicago church, can’t think of his name.

  2. maureen o'brien says:

    Great show Meria – and Edward great comment. He’s like so smart and funny and NAMES NAMES. I could’ve listened to you for another two hours – it went so quick. I love his ideas – cadaver dogs at Bohemian Grove? Where else are you going to hear this stuff and have the host agree. He brings a lot to the table and he has a deep and genuine respect for you Meria. At this point, if you had a ‘Symposium’, and could gather all of your All-Stars and had tributes to the many whom have passed on – it would be better than any of the greatest rock concerts I’ve ever witnessed. Gold Star for You!

  3. Meria says:

    Thanks Maureen! You won’t hear it quite the same anywhere else. I’m convinced of that. Better than a rock concert! wow. Thanks!

  4. Deborah Alexander says:

    As usual, during an interview with a learned and informed guest, you throw out just a few tidbits that you have shared with your listeners over the years and your guest almost jumps out of his chair: “What? I never heard THAT!!” No one has your range or your ability to retrieve brain-archived information at a moment’s notice. NO ONE!!!

  5. Meria says:

    ha, sometimes my mind amazes me too!

  6. shaun says:

    I forgot how good this interview was, would love to hear you two talk again.

  7. Meria says:

    thank you. I’ll keep it in mind for sure. I enjoyed it too!

  8. mysticjanet says:

    So is it time to have him on again?
    Great show. Thanks for pulling it forward.

  9. Meria says:

    it’ll be a while, booked to May already. hugs

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