Meria With William Rodriguez – A true hero of 9/11/01

Miracle Man!

5/19/11   Meria interviews “the last man out” of 9/11/01 – William Rodriguez – HERO. This is a very intense show. “remember remember the 11th of September, the day of our government’s treason”; William lost 200 friends that day and almost his life; his incredible journey; a magician of 30 years, his skills and teachings came in handy on Sept 11th; rescued from the rubble thinking he’d lost his legs; Could you do over 100 flights a day? Thank goddess William could; 6 sub basements in the WTC, 14 bench workers; little to no drills for new employees; 8:45 am the first sub level explosion; multiple explosions; the burnt man and William; 1993 bombing, same building; after the explosions hears the plane; raining bodies; bodies cut in half; plane debris; Operation Control Tower empty in basement of WTC; moving from an agnostic to believer; divine intervention; only 5 Master Keys and William had one of them, and led the way for the firemen; getting water to the firemen passed out; Class A building; mayhem and explosions; all kitchens were electric except Windows on the World at the top; piles of melted bodies; no real investigation; the movie “World Trade Center”; and more. This is a VERY intense emotional show. Stay tuned for part 2.












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8 Responses to "Meria With William Rodriguez – A true hero of 9/11/01"

  1. kd ruckman kd ruckman says:

    Dis-info at its finest. Give them something they can run with and remember to reinforce the myth. Willy Rodriguez and Scott Forbes, both WTC employees have given the 911truth movement some of its best ammunition . With the explosions in the basement and the stories of nefarious going ons in the towers, leading up to 911. All of which are interesting tid-bits, but none so revealing to lead to tearing this case wide open. The reinforcement of planes and the towers being a vibrant work place, maybe the message they are here to convey. This outlandish story of seeing a reconstruction of a plane in hanger 17(What! They let a janitor in, but not Jesse). Is absolutely ridiculous. As to the towers being a vibrant work place. I don’t subscribe to Letsroll911forums “hollow towers” theory, but I do believe they were close to vacant. Propped up with CIA fronts and easily prepped for demolition (whatever mechanism was used). These “witnesses” with their juicy tid-bits, satisfy us momentarily, but muddy the big picture with disinformation. Its a psy-op, they are smarter than us.- Beware of strangers offering candy. Thanks KD

  2. Thinker says:

    Wow! what a great interview, I believe William and his efforts to help the victims even after 9/11 have been well documented. His success in getting scholarships program for the kids of the killed on 9/11 and his success in getting an economic and immigration amnesty for the families of those killed without legal status are to be commended. William gets attacked by haters for exposing them publicly like that Phil Jayhan from Let’s roll forum (who claims that the victims of 9/11 were paid actors!) mentioned by the previous writer and other stalkers as well.

  3. Meria says:

    I will continue this discussion with William soon. I intend to ask a load of questions. I don’t see how he’s reinforcing the myth. the explosions had to have happened in the basement in order for the bldgs. to fall into their own footprints. As for the plane parts, etc., I will ask more questions on that. 50,000 isn’t a lot of people to work in the towers, I was there many times. Thus the small body count on 9/11 is a wonder. Of course, everyone is free to believe whatever they want. Remember, the govt has the evidence and they will never release it to us.

  4. john forsyth says:

    I want to personally thank Mr. Rodriguez for his courage and his strength to continue to tell his story even though it must create pain for him to relive the experience, each time he tells the story.
    Thank you, William!
    I really respect you and your courageous shining heart!
    John Forsyth

  5. maureen o'brien says:

    When William recalls this traumatic experience, the flow of energy behind the telling of the story combined with the horrific visuals – every physical sense for that matter – is so intense I feel as though I was right there with him. He is not a liar and I’m surprised he hasn’t had a bout of CIA Flu (Barry Jennings?) Thanks for this – painful to hear about his ‘Survivor’s Guilt’, but at least he’s channeling it in a positive way. True Hero. Makes me proud to be a Puerto Rican!

  6. meria says:

    The intensity of just listening to him (when I wasn’t crying, thank goddess he was doing most of the talking) lasted with me well into the early morning hours…Can’t wait to have him back!

  7. carol cifelli says:

    William…a true angel walking the planet. Nobody really knows how they would act in a situation like this. Help or Run. Call on the Lord and you shall receive. And this is reality!?!?

  8. carol cifelli says:

    Listening to W. Rodriguez tell his story was so intense, I had to take several breaks. Tears just ran down my face as he took me there that day. I remember most of the things he shared in his story and can repeat it very easily to others. Share it with others and I am looking forward to part 2.

    Only on Meria’s show. Luv ya…. BF

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