Blood and Guts with Meria and Jack Blood

4/5/22 Blood & Guts, with Meria and Jack Blood.

Jack’s return to the airways – support him at PayPal -JackBlood@hotmail.com; Thursday night show; stolen elections; todays “podcasters”; Bernie; why no accountability ; “we have owners”; divide & conquer; vomit politics; SCOTUS; Covid restrictions gone; Bio Labs; US Foreign Policy; we live under corporatocracy; fascists on SCOTUS; Mussolini’s definition of fascism; war criminals? White vs. brown refugees/wars; controlled opposition; Elon Musk & Twitter; Madison Cawthorne; Franklin Cover Up; W & Jeff Gannon; Bohemian grove; Epstein and the MOSSAD; trump psyops; Rothschild picks and more.




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Twenty-Second Year of the Meria Heller Show!

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