Chuck Ochelli Interviews Meria on the Ochelli Effect


1/31/16 Two hour interview by Chuck Ochelli of the Ochelli Effect with Meria originally aired on 1/27/16. Thanks to Chuck you get to hear it here if you missed it. Not many topics missed.







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2 Responses to "Chuck Ochelli Interviews Meria on the Ochelli Effect"

  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    I had to laugh when Chuck mentioned your “accent” because my first response was “WHAT accent”? Then, I realized that he was commenting on how just about everyone on radio and TV works hard to lose their regional accent in the interest of remaking themselves and appealing to the masses, while you are PROUD of your origin. Fuggeddaboutit!!

  2. Meria says:

    Why would I want to lose anything from my NYC upbringing? Many people love the NY accent. That was a fun show with Chuck. Doing it again this coming Friday.

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