Meria interviewed on the Ochelli Effect


5/22/16 This is a two hour interview of Meria on Chuck Ochelli’s show aired on 5/13/16. Don’t think there are any topics we didn’t discuss. Chuck does a great job, so check out his work. Support Independent Media. Enjoy.










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One Response to "Meria interviewed on the Ochelli Effect"

  1. guygirard says:

    Great show,

    in the 60’s and 70’s The CIA infiltrated and took over the peace and love movement with LSD free sex and a ton of CIA kids that became rockstars overnight. Mind control was a huge part of this

    Now you have the New Age/ New Cage movement also infiltrated by the CIA and porn with the rape drug extacy ( who do you realy think developped it other than the CIA )

    The CIA abductions has never stopped all over the world eversince Montauk so its no Wonder you have so many brain dead population in riots all over ( the George Soros gang )

    RIO has the largest population of homeless kids hmmmmm geees do you think the CIA is involved with that too DAM RIGHT THEY ARE South America is a big NAZZI playground since after WW2 along with the US and Canada with the PAPER CLIP gang.

    The Anunnaki control the incarnation grid and they manipulate every part of our lives as far as the soul contracts you have to make when making your life plans ( You think you made it yourself but as above so below you did what they wanted you to do all along ) Think anout that for a minute. Ask older people if their lives turned out they way they thought it would ?
    That is because in the woomb when it is time to forget everything they add in their dirty karma onto your soul contract we launder for them like the small print of legal contracts nobody reads. That is how they get away with it and stay in power.

    If you knew what i know of how lets say a movie or rock star has to accept as far as soul contracts to get a life in the limelight then you might have a chance to figure out what is going on.

    Our only chance is mass rejection of this reality world wide through peacefull and empowered means . This means people must take their power back and stop voting for example because they know what voting realy means, or going to Drs and Hospitals to heal themselves where all they will get is a deathcare system ect….

    Wishefull thinking i suppose

    Cheers Meria

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