Meria With Guy Finley 365 Days to Let Go


10/19/16 Meria with Guy Finley “365 Days to Let Go”. Originally aired on 1/19/08 truth and spirituality still hold up! Meria discusses his latest book “365 Days to Let Go, Daily Insights to Change Your Life”. Daily meditations set to the seasons themselves. The seasons of our lives – our individual “story”; the importance of letting go; clinging hurts. Stop being a deadly clingon; the need to be right (is it ever worth it?); would you rather be right or live without fear; how much of life do you resist? the messages of the seasons; summer solstice; no dark state can live in you without your consent; depression – what is it? the winter season of the heart; what you resist will persist; everything happens for a reason and more. This is a wonderful positive spiritual show.





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