The Bigger Picture with Meria and Michael Reccia

 4/19/17 The Bigger Picture, with Meria and Michael Reccia.  Why do we have different races, sexualities, societies, etc? the beginning of our spiritual lives after this; progressive souls; mass hallucination; from head to the heart;John Lennon on peace; we are not at the mercy of the system; personal responsibility; we create advanced playgrounds; meditation;belief vs. knowing;re-member;circles within circles;reincarnation is a trap; free will; karma; memory does not exist;dementia and autism; all experience happens in the now and lots more.










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2 Responses to "The Bigger Picture with Meria and Michael Reccia"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    “The Bigger Picture” is at the top of my list of Favorite Shows! I try to save listening to it when I can really focus and enjoy all of the beautiful messages. Each and every show is special. I try (very hard) to send light and love to the people in charge of the chaos in this world. I have to admit, though, that sometimes the “Human Me” struggles with the “Spiritual Me”. When I totally focus on Love, I can get beyond the physical. I know that it is ONLY LOVE that will change this crazy world. Thank you Meria and Michael for another inspiring show, and for helping people like me to stay on the path of LOVE…

  2. Meria says:

    Thank you. I’m sure you can tell I love these shows too – the stuff that really matters. It’s hard for me too, so you aren’t alone in sending light. Love is all you need.

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