Golden Oldie: Meria With Jim Marrs – Rule By Secrecy

2/25/11 Another GREAT golden oldie from 5/21/03. Meria Heller interviews Jim Marrs on his book “Rule by Secrecy, The Hidden History that Connects The Trilateral Commission, The Freemasons and the Great Pyramids”. Secret societies; [...]

Meria With Jim Marrs – Above Top Secret!

8/24/09 Meria interviews Jim Marrs,on his latest book “Above Top Secret” a great primer on conspiracy facts. Jim is the world’s leading conspiracy author. Global financial powers taking over our country; national socialism=the Nazi party, [...]

Meria With Jim Marrs on 9/11/01

7/11/06 Meria interviews Jim Marrs on the 9/11 conspiracy.”Inside Job”; CIA & Bin Laden; Pentagon BOMBED at 9:32 am before the missile hit; was 9/11 an insurance scam? 1984 written in 1948; Enron’s lucky break when Bldg [...]