Meria With Jim Marrs – Above Top Secret!

Meria & Jim Marrs – Chicago

8/24/09 Meria interviews Jim Marrs,on his latest book “Above Top Secret” a great primer on conspiracy facts. Jim is the world’s leading conspiracy author. Global financial powers taking over our country; national socialism=the Nazi party, moved here after WW2. Neo-Conservatism, the new name of the Nazi party; Bush- 8 yrs of national socialism; Obama – Marxist socialism; Is the U.S. a corporation? the IRS; will there be an economic recovery? 10th Amendment legislation; CFR & Obama Admin; Ft.Detrick brought back an extinct virus -the swine flu – a very planned operation; Prozac-fluoroxide; Eugenics & big pharma;5 corps own all the media; conspiracy facts; are chemtrails real? peak oil? why?-because “someone wants it that way”; Tesla and Diesel; Did we go to the Moon? NASA “lost” the orig. films?!? 2012; what to expect by August 2013 and more great “stuff”.


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