Golden Oldie: Meria With Brian Desborough – Indigo kids

12/29/14 Golden Oldie: Meria interviews Brian Desborough on Indigo Children. We hear a lot about indigos, this show explains it. Originally aired on 6/10/04. Enjoy.         SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN     Information you [...]

Solid Gold: Meria with Brian Desborough -Blueprint for a Better World

4/22/14 Solid Gold: Meria interviews Brian Desborough, author of “Blueprint for a Better World”. This show was originally aired June 10, 2004. Everything from Indigo children to his predictions for 2012 (uncannily accurate). The [...]

Goldie Oldie: Meria With Brian Desborough – They Cast No Shadows

1/7/11 Golden Oldie from 5/28/03 : Meria Heller interviewed Brian Desborough on his book “They Cast No Shadows”. The illuminati or globalists; revisionist history; suppressed technology and weapons; the 13 bloodline families own [...]