Meria With The News

3/18/21 Meria With the News. Asian woman sends her attacker to the hospital; Biden calls Putin a killer; Kamala Harris; Proud Boys arrests; big oil; White terrorist kills 8; trumps responsibility; women hating GOP; Cuomo & Newsom; IRS; [...]

Meria With the News

3/15/21 Meria With The News. Proud Boys & the FBI; more flying monkeys arrested; trumps talk in trash; snow; Dr.Mercola & Vit D; NYC D.A. closing in on trump; stimulus checks; $27 mil to George Floyds family; Breonna; money to private [...]

Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli

3/9/21 Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Today we cover “crazy town”; George Carlin -“humans circling the drain”; comedy is about discomfort; controlled scarcity; Cuomo elitist like the GOP; rules [...]

Meria With the News

3/8/21 Meria With the News. The “Royals”; CDC; voting rights; Cuomo; Myanmar; Haiti; obesity and Covid; Microsoft hack; Burqa bans; Chavin preparations vs. Capitol; millionaire democrats voted against $15; Trees and butterflies; [...]

Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli

4/14/20 Hell & High Water with Meria & Chuck Ochelli. Todays show deals with integrity and consistency; confused? who to believe? Loads of phonies & posers out there; discretion; question everything; what will be the “new” [...]