Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove

5/5/21 Tragedy and Hope with Meria and Richard Grove. Richard Grove, historian is co-host today. Meria’s latest facebook ban; societal decline into grunts and violence; emojis and cavemen; controllers are scared; social media; institutionalized [...]

Meria With Daniel Estulin -TransEvolution, The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction

2/18/14 Meria interviews investigative journalist and best selling author Daniel Estulin on his latest mind blowing book “TransEvolution, The Coming Age of Human Deconstruction”. Who are the Bilderbergs and what have they got planned? [...]

Meria With Jerry E. Smith HAARP Program

6/27/06 Show opens with Space Weapons In the Sky;Jerry E. Smith discusses the HAARP project and what it means. Heating the atmosphere by 1,000s of degrees – why? DOD and DARPA; changing radio shapes and the ionosphere; What is ELF? Russia’s [...]