Meria With The News

5/22/23 Meria With The News El Nino; mental illness court; Uvalde; “bossware”; Disney vs. DeSatan; forgotten Afghans; SCOTUS despots; NAACP travel advisory for Florida; Jeff Epstein-Bill Gates -Noam Chomsky; MSG; starving in America [...]

Meria With The News

5/4/23 Meria With The News Proud Boys guilty of sedition; more subway attacks; more mass murders; LAFD; Clarence & SCOTUS; trump loses again; Rape trial continues; Scotland hates trump; porn in Utah; Abbott gives himself power to overturn [...]

Meria With Donald Jeffries

7/8/20 Meria With Donald Jeffries We talk about the news and how his books “Survival of the Richest” and “Bullyocracy” apply; stimulus money to the rich and cronies; the king of bullies-trump; Lt.Col. Vindman resigns [...]