Meria With the News

9/2/21 Meria With The News. floods/tornadoes on East Coast; Fires in the West; damage in Louisiana; Newsom’s recall; Supreme Court sides with Tex-ass; Texas, the new Afghanistan; Biden & Zelenskiy; Israel dictates to US; trump criminal [...]

Meria with Bev Conover, Intrepid Report

8/31/21 Meria with Bev Conover, Editor/Publisher of The Intrepid Report. Katrina vs. Ida; Biden vs.Bush; evacuating Lake Tahoe; bridge collapse in Miss.; insurance a disaster; covid; roll of the dice; Afghanistan – Bush’s war thanks [...]

Meria With The News

8/30/21 Meria With The News. Hurricane Ida; Caldor fire; evacuations in Tahoe; Kabul; Lou Grant dead; evictions; North Korea; Iran; Taliban; Voting Rights march; what price freedom? dental care; Jaxson Hayes; MSM & Biden; Larry Elder, typical [...]