Meria With Valerie Heller, Clinical Consultant

 1/22/17 Meria Interviews Valerie Heller, Clinical Consultant, Grassroots Organizer;Val was at the protest in NYC yesterday; why? diversity; families with small babies in attendance; estimates 25% male; men chanting for women’s rights; [...]

Stars R Us with Meria and Joseph Anthony

11/3/15 Stars R Us, with Meria & Joseph Anthony. Monthly astrology for November. One consciousness expressing in various ways, affecting the planet;be present to what you are doing;confusion in the air;next year is a 9 year, what does that [...]

The Blasted News with Meria

10/9/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Another kid shot dead in Missouri;cops murder bystander blame man they crippled;cop attacks kid for a cigarette;tasered for a seat belt violation;Obama Admin and Standing Army plan for riots;Millennials [...]

The Bigger Picture with Meria and Michael Reccia

9/23/14 The Bigger Picture with Meria and Michael Reccia. How to stay out of fear in this illusion; repeating the same pattern/loop for centuries;anger and revenge;puppets of the field;are you acting from human nature or your spiritual nature? [...]