Meria on the Ochelli Factor

4/29/15 With the kind permission of Charles Ochelli, last night’s interview on Chuck’s show with Meria is now available to her listening audience. We discussed everything from Baltimore to vaccines and most of all non-participation. [...]

Meria With Chuck Ochelli on Ferguson

12/2/14 Meria interviews Charles Ochelli, JFK researcher, radio host. Independent thinkers and broadcasters;Michael Brown shooting and the police state; the issue is the militarized police; “rioting is the voice of the unheard” [...]

The Blasted News with Meria

11/24/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Racist in Reno steps down, Guiliani shows his racism; Chuck Hagel steps down; How to deal with cops taught in NYC school; failure at Fukushima, Horrors at Hanford; Private mercenaries in Ferguson; KKK vs [...]