Meria With Patricia Cori Episode 8 – Hacking the God Code

3/5/24 Meria With Patricia Cori, Episode 8 -Hacking the God Code. Today we continue reviewing “Hacking the God Code, The Conspiracy To Steal The Human Soul” by Patricia Cori. the increasing side effects of the “vaccine”; [...]

Meria With Patricia Cori Episode 7 of “Hacking The God Code”

10/31/23 Meria With Patricia Cori -Episode 7 of “Hacking the God Code” Israel and forced shots; violence & shots; micro clotting of the brain; what are funeral directors seeing?; changing the frequency of the mind through several [...]

Meria with Patricia Cori – Episode 5 of “Hacking the God Code”

5/2/23 Meria With Patricia Cori -Episode 5 of “Hacking The God Code” This show is dedicated to my sister Rose Rubino who passed over yesterday; AI is all over the news now that the horse is out of the barn; How do we pull the plug [...]