Conversations with David Icke and Meria

6/24/15 Conversations with David Icke and Meria. Living off adrenalin,need for relaxation;the nature of reality should be taught in school; the control systems run by humans and non-humans;”The Avengers” and the Chitari; Alternative [...]

Conversations with David, Meria with David Icke

4/22/15 Conversations With David, Meria with David Icke. David’s new direction,site; how much more information do people need? Time for a change; the collective human consciousness must change;moving beyond the mind to an expanded consciousness;programmed [...]

Conversations With David Icke & Meria

2/4/15 Conversations With David – Meria and David Icke.  “When you access the projected agenda you can predict the future”;the hidden becomes seen;this reality is an inversion of what things should be; Monsanto-nutrition [...]

Golden Oldie: Meria with David Icke on the Illuminati

12/25/14 Golden Oldie: Meria with David Icke on the City of London, the Illuminati, Babylon and more. This show originally aired on 6/4/04.  Enjoy.             SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN     Information you [...]

Conversations with David Icke and Meria

12/9/14 Conversations with David with Meria and David Icke. Wembley was fabulous, streaming on David Icke.com; the abuse and violence of police worldwide;hard to not get emotionally connected;change energetically;see beyond the system;visible [...]


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