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Meria is available for one on one consultations/classes  via the telephone, Skype, or in person. Would you enjoy speaking with Meria for an hour or a half an hour? You can discuss anything going on in your life, the world or beyond. Meria mixes her intuition, business experience and life experience to be the best “intuitive” coach you can possibly find. Meria considers herself a TEACHER first and foremost. She has taught Native American spirituality for close to 30 years now and is the Founder of the Universal Medicine Wheel. She has taught metaphysics in New York, Arizona and Europe too. Meria has been doing “readings” professionally since 1985. Meria uses her intuitive gifts daily to decipher the truth about what’s going on in the world, which she presents here on The Meria Heller Show and has since July of 2000.

Meria is also available for one on one in person classes for Reiki, the Universal Medicine Wheel in Arizona as well. If you are interested in that, write her at



David Icke Recommends Meria!


Meria works with people on a personal level, spiritual level and business level too! A natural born “psychic” Meria has a gift of vision beyond anything you’ve seen before. Her sessions are always confidential, loving, fun, and full of direction. Meria mixes her intuitive gifts, life experience and world experience to give you direction, not just fluff as many do.

This is how it works: By arranging a consultation with Meria by going to Pay Pal and making payment to her account: Meria@Meria.net  of either $250 for an hour session, or $150 for a half hour session you are agreeing to open your Akashic Records to Meria. That means she can look into your own projected life path before you came into body for this time and space in your life and give you the direction/coaching to achieve what you came here to do. Meria can always warn you of anything you need to avoid. Health problems are also discussed. Meria uses her years of knowledge to help every individual realize their full potential and live the life they intended! Once Meria is notified of your payment she will contact you via email to set an appointment. ***for a quick 3 question email reading, the cost is $50. This is a simple email only reading.

***If you don’t hear from Meria within two days to set your appt, email her with your phone #. Some emails are getting lost in the ethers or NSA’s files.If you’re with AOL they block me, so definitely send your phone number. Your payment reserves the time and spot for you. ( if you can’t make it, or reschedule, there’s no refund.) 

Sometimes there is a recent past life affecting this one. If that is the case Meria will clue you in on it and show you how to move past it, or use that part of yourself to be more than you already are!

All you’d need do is decide how much time you want with Meria, and make payment.




Once the payment is made, Meria will contact you to set an appointment anywhere in the world. Meria has a vast audience and clientele worldwide. Many of Meria’s clients have been clients for thirty years or more.  Find out where you are on your spiritual journey.

For those of you overseas, Meria is in  Arizona, USA. That should help you figure out the time difference when making the appointment. If you don’t hear from her within two days of your payment, email her with your phone # as some emails aren’t getting back to the client.AOL blocks Meria’s emails, so a phone # is urgent.

All sessions are totally interactive and Meria encourages you to write a list of questions to make sure you get all you wanted out of the experience. Sessions can be recorded as well. Readings can be done via Skype or the telephone. Meria’s Skype name is Meria Heller.

Meria also works successfully with therapists, psychiatrists, coaches to reach the issues they may be having problems reaching with their clients:


Thank you so much Meria, what you said has been in my mind ever since.You’ve pointed me in an entirely new direction with such accuracy and grace. A beautiful gift from a beautiful being.Thank you!!!- Alec

Meria,You always help and I always listen to what you say thoughtfully and make the necessary changes as much as I am able. I’ve listened to many intuitives through the years and nobody comes close to your accuracy. Your accuracy is stunning. And I like that you give practical, common sense advice, including the hard stuff because it’s right. That’s integrity!I am always grateful that I found you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Much love,


Meria, thank you so much!! Thank you for all of your guidance!
If you ever want me to write a testimonial for you, I would be happy to do so! I always knew you were the real deal, but this proves it: G and I saw a respected Indian astrologer who told us that we were married in three previous lifetimes. I did not disclose this to you and you saw it so clearly!
Thank you for everything you done for me over the years. I will follow all of your advice. And thank you so much for the love and motivation you give me!

Your predictions of my “future” life have been absolutely astonishing. The most amazing insight you had in terms of the six or seven month “forecast of change” was that I would secure employment. And Wow!! it happened! And a great job! When you said that, I said “no way, not after five years unemployed”. But it happened this week and, even more amazingly, in Reno, Nevada! It’s truly miraculous. Your help and assistance has been the most fantastic spiritual awakening in my life. Many thanks for everything!

Best always,


Your assistant and positive guidance makes my journey so much more enjoyable. You make me trust myself so much more…THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES…

Hi, dear Meria,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I soo enjoyed our time together this morning and am super-psyched about moving forward now!  There is a spark of joy and radiance within my being that I’ve been looking for … for a very long time!  😀  Finally, life is looking brighter and I feel so much better and released from the past!
 I ordered the  Medicine Wheel book by you!  I can’t wait to get them and begin reading and changing up my reality and my world!
You are amazing, Meria!  I do hope that we will get to meet up in person sometime.”Thank you for the work you do.



Meria- just a quick note to thank you again for our conversation this evening. You have given me hope and something to look forward too. I havent felt this good about “my prospects” or my “future” in a long time.
From one new yorker to another – thanks again!


Meria, I’ve taken the information provided by you and guidance and began implementing it one step at a time … it’s amazing how much has shifted and is rising to meet me with just a few simple steps!!  I feel so very grateful that I am already being uplifted and that my life is being to flow in ease and grace!!  I look forward to it continuing and feel that I am indeed being supported and loved by the Universe … many magical signs have been showing up in my life as confirmation, especially from Nature.  😀 

Whenever I hit a roadblock with a client I recommend a reading with you. When I listen to their session I am then able to see things I had missed, then I clear the underlying energetic component and the client breaks free. It is a very successful system.It works great for everyone involved.”J.


Meria, I know you heard it 10000000000000 times, but  still I cannot express all the gratitude
I feel towards you. To repeat “Thank you” is too simple and not enough.
I know I worked and still work on myself, and that personal change is a thing  that involves me
and the work on myself but with your  readings
you saved me.I am going to book in again.  Several of the things you told me have happened with uncanny accuracy!



From a client/student in Australia:

I am so glad to have come across you, and send you my endless praise and love – Nicholas

Thank you for a really great reading.  My heart has lifted and I feel my future coming to life in the now.

Your reading has restored my faith in myself and inspired me to embrace the best I can be.
What a gift!!!
Thank you thank you thank you.
 I shall recommend you to others.
Love and Respect,

As I always say on the show “the only ticket out of the madness is a spiritual one”. Hopefully you are staying strong in your own spiritual journey of choice to stay balanced in a world that seems to have gone mad!

The Universal Medicine Wheel


You were born deserving of all the abundance every other living thing in nature experiences. If you’re not living a life of joy -have big decisions to make – or simply want to chat – book an appointment with Meria. You won’t be dissatisfied.

Here’s some recent feedback:

I feel like I had the a heavy weight on my shoulders,
you came and with one finger lifted it up and threw
it away. Like all that bad things happened to me,
were just a moment, a part of a bad dream, and
the sun came in and enlightened everything and everywhere.
I feel already so much more comfortable with myself,
my life…and it’s a great thing to feel as a main
actress of a film about MY life.

Big hug…forte abbraccio – K, Italy

I think you are the best psychic I have ever seen and I have no problem recommending you to my clients and friends.
Keep up the good work!

Once again, thank you for pointing out the reason why I´m here… ; )
From now on I will enjoy loving myself!
There was so much energy around me after I´ve been talking to you.
When I put the light on, the light bulb exploded. Fun and incredible!

Big hug and a lot of love

Ann – Australia

thanks again for the humourous and and no nonsense approach to your guidance. It was fun!


“You are a true philosopher and therapist, perhaps the best I’ve ever encountered” – Barry S.

“Thank you again for Sunday. . .it really gave me a lot to think about and clarified many things for me. You are a wonderful, beautiful being, and if I ever were given the chance to choose another mom in this lifetime–it would be you.  :)” – Caroline

“From the depth of my soul, I have no words to describe how grateful I am for all that you are and all that you have done for me” – Karen J.

“You took me out of the mud and now I’m walking on air” – Laurie B.

“I spoke to you about fifteen years ago in a psychic reading. I wanted you to know almost everything you said to me came true.
I wanted to thank you.” – Cheri

I just won some money from a Builder Open House.  Ha!!! You are right on! Thanks! – Marie

Funny you are right on.  Thanks for the validation.
You seem to pick up things very definitely and that is what I need.
David was right about you!

“Thank you so much for your answers! And so fast!
Your answers resonate in me as being the truth.
God bless you!”
“thank you so much Meria, I feel like I had a bath in positive light energy and that a layer of ? Dirt fell off me. I am excited about my coming months and will meditate, affirm and go out and sing and dance and do what feels good.You must be a healer as much as an intuitive, Bless you & thank you.” Love, Jeanie

Thank you so much for your insights. I would like to keep in touch and maybe ask you a couple of questions in the future that we did not get to during our discussion. David is right, you are the “real deal”. The best to you always, love Phyllis

“I’ve had a reading done with Meria and wow! she gets it right! I am looking forward to another reading soon as my story unfolds. She was spot on! Meria is also a very straight forward , no BS kind of person that gets to the point with an east coast sense of humor. I would recommend Meria for all your readings and guidance for any major moves you might be planning. Talk to her first!” -Carletta

“Another thing you told me has finally happened! You said I would sell my home in Ca in August. Escrow closes this week. I didn’t get the price, but close. :-) I am looking forward to the rest coming soon…. Thanks Meria! “-Tammy Aug.2011

Thanks again Meria, and again I so appreciate you and your incredible gifts, the information and clarification has brought me some much needed comfort and inspiration and for that im very grateful” – Lisa

Thank you Meria sooooo much! You can’t imagine how excited and relieved
I am right now!
I was totally in awe of every word that came out of your mouth.
In my mind, I was constantly amazed by your firmness in whatever you
You are so open, frank, fun and caring, which I appreciate a lot!
I’m glad to have contacted you and have had my
reading done with you.
Everything I was concerned about and stuck in mind for years was made
clear so elegantly that I felt the assurance and warmth that I’d never
had before.
After the session, my whole body felt energized more than ever, since I
sensed you are trully connected to the Universe.
Clarity is back for the first time in … thousands years…!
Thanks a million!!!
K  -Japan

After your insightful words, i am not sure what do say. You shed light on a door, which my conscious mind i had refused to see. Would i have been able to go through that door, towards the life i have always dreamed of, without accepting it as a possibility?
I feel life gave me several nudges, pointed me towards that door. But alas, most of us are indoctrinated to never acknowledge our own self worth, nor abilities. It is not up to us to know who we are. We have to get it out “there” somewhere. Confidence is looked upon as something to be shun. We do not create our own realities, when we leave to the hands of others, who don’t acknowledge their own worth. To acknowledge us. It is a bad circle, where nobody gets what they need. I feel Meria is one of those who have acknowledged her own worth, and abilities. So beware, her words will disarm your internal prison warden, and give you a chance to release yourself.
Have a wonderful day
Thomas – Norway

From a Happy Reiki Student:
I have been feeling fantastic! I am so happy pretty much all the time and it seems like whenever someone says something kind of negative or irritating it just bounces off and doesn’t affect me whatsoever! I used some reiki on the plane on our trip home because we were experiencing turbulence.

I have had a wonderful experience since our time together and I thank you so so much for what you have done for me. You have opened my eyes and my heart, mind, body and soul to what feels like a whole new way of life and I am ecstatic and eternally grateful!

Thank you for everything Meria!!! -L.R. – Florida



Remember you are not alone and you are here for a GOOD time, not a long time. If that’s not the case, set up an appointment and get started on the

most exciting part of your life!

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