Obama and Hassan Rohani

Meria With Jamal Abdi -National Iranian American Council

12/3/13 Meria interviews Jamal Abdi, Policy Director for the National Iranian American Council on the developments with Iran. First time in 34 years that an American President and Iranian President talked – history; Hassan Rouhani’s [...]

Meria With Robert Naiman -World Powers Pact With Iran

11/26/13 Meria interviews Robert Naiman, Policy Director at Just Foreign Policy, President of Truth Out on the world powers agreement with Iran; Who and what is Just Foreign Policy? What do they do? the diplomatic solution on Iran as Obama [...]
Jamal Abdi

Meria With Jamal Abdi – National Iranian American Council

3/6/12 Meria interview Jamal Abdi of the National Iranian American Council on the situation with Iran. Why Iran? strategic interests;Iran & Iraq; Bush policy towards Iran; AIPAC conference in D.C. why were the candidates allowed to speak? [...]

Meria With Jim Fetzer – JFK, 9/11 and Iran

2/8/12 Meria interviews Professor Jim Fetzer.  The JFK tapes; Air Force had a role in the assassination; Curtis LeMay; who organized the assassination? Bush Sr & Lansdale at the book depository; joint chiefs were disillusioned with JFK; [...]
"Right to Assemble Peacefully"

Meria With the News

11/21/11 Meria With the News: Spray cop Lt. John Pike suspended in Calif; earthquake reports; Avastin recalled by FDA; Reopening the murder of Natalie Wood; Retired Police Captain joins Occupy, gets arrested; Detroit cops protest wage cuts; [...]