Meria With Melvin Goodman on National Insecurity

7/2/13 Meria interviews Melvin Goodman, twenty year veteran of the CIA on his latest book “National Insecurity, the Cost of American Militarism”. His thoughts on the NSA and Edward Snowden & Bradley Manning; our bloated military [...]

Meria With Chris Hellman – The Cost of War

12/21/11 Meria Interviews Chris Hellman, Senior Research Analyst at the National Priorities Project on the cost of war and our “withdrawal” from Iraq. The end of combat isn’t the end of our military presence; we’ll be [...]

Meria With Melvin Goodman -U.S. Foreign Policy and Militarization

11/15/11 Meria with Melvin Goodman, Senior Fellow -Center for International Policy with 42 years of Govt Service, Intel, CIA Whistleblower, writer and more. Why did he resign from the CIA? Robert Gates, William Casey – distortion of intelligence; [...]
Dahr Jamail, Journalist

Meria With Dahr Jamail “The Will to Resist”

9/29/10 Meria Heller interviews Dahr Jamail on his excellent book “The Will to Resist, Soldiers Who Refuse to Fight in Iraq & Afghanistan”. This book is a MUST for anyone considering the military. The military are victims of [...]
Phil Restino - Veterans for Peace

Meria With Phil Restino -Should Obama Be Impeached?

8/25/10 Meria interviews Phil Restino, Co – Chair of Central Florida Chapter of Veterans for Peace on impeaching Obama. Who are Veterans for Peace? Any veteran can join; veterans are listened to more than others – why ? 9 years [...]