Meria With Melvin Goodman -U.S. Foreign Policy and Militarization

11/15/11 Meria with Melvin Goodman, Senior Fellow -Center for International Policy with 42 years of Govt Service, Intel, CIA Whistleblower, writer and more. Why did he resign from the CIA? Robert Gates, William Casey – distortion of intelligence; [...]
Webster Tarpley

Meria With Webster Tarpley on the World Situation

3/15/11 Meria Heller interviews Webster Tarpley, activist Historian and author on the world situation. Japan’s earthquake, 25,000 dead from tsunami, none by radiation (so far); aging nuclear power plants; no money spent on plants older [...]
Phil Restino - Veterans for Peace

Meria With Phil Restino -Should Obama Be Impeached?

8/25/10 Meria interviews Phil Restino, Co – Chair of Central Florida Chapter of Veterans for Peace on impeaching Obama. Who are Veterans for Peace? Any veteran can join; veterans are listened to more than others – why ? 9 years [...]
Webster Tarpley

Meria with Webster Tarpley – Obama, the Postmodern Coup

9/10/08 Webster Tarpley returns to discuss his latest book “Obama the Postmodern Coup, The Making of A Manchurian Candidate”. 9/11/01 passed away with Obama on the scene; Russian experts to discuss 9/11 on tv; the Ossettia attack; 9/11 [...]