Meria With Adara An D’Rianna “Loving Yourself Free of Charge”

5/11/11 Meria interviews the founder of Rainbow Creators Adara An D’Rianna on her book “Loving Yourself Free of Charge, Clearing the Emotional Blocks That Stop You”. Everyone has emotional blocks that stop them from being [...]
"Peace, You Can Have It If You Want It"

Meria With William Hathaway -Radical Peace!

4/5/11 Meria interviews ex special forces soldier William Hathaway on his book “Radical Peace, People Refusing War”. Losing our children to the vicious fraud of war;Orwell’s prediction “endless wars”; fighting [...]
Mahatma's Grandson

Oldie but Goodie – Meria With Dr. Arun Gandhi

11/7/10 Out of the treasure vault of past shows – Meria Heller’s favorite show to date: interview with Dr. Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi. People that remember Mahatma were amazed at how similar Dr.Arun Gandhi’s voice [...]
Phil Restino - Veterans for Peace

Meria With Phil Restino -Should Obama Be Impeached?

8/25/10 Meria interviews Phil Restino, Co – Chair of Central Florida Chapter of Veterans for Peace on impeaching Obama. Who are Veterans for Peace? Any veteran can join; veterans are listened to more than others – why ? 9 years [...]
Cosmic Comic

Meria With Swami Beyondananda – Cosmic Comic

8/29/06 Meria interview Swami Beyondanda, Cosmic Comedian; laugh-a-tives; humor and awakening; electile dysfunction; mad cowboy disease after 9/11/01; dis-armageddon, and lots more. Great show.       SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN