Meria With Michael Reccia – Trance Mission

1/28/14 Meria interviews Michael Reccia,trance channel and author on his latest book “Trance Mission, Enlightening.Informing.A Record of Joseph in Public”. Who is Joseph? The Band of Light? More than words transfer from books; transmitting [...]
Gary and 3 pyramids

Meria With Gary Evans – Sacred Spaces

1/7/14 Meria interviews Gary Evans, of Infinite Connections on Sacred Spaces and ancient sites. In today’s modern world (and chaos) it’s more important than ever to connect to Mother Earth. having an awareness of the sacred;Ancient [...]

Meria with Betsy Otter Thompson – The What Happens If I…Book

11/5/13 Meria Interviews Betsy Otter Thompson, author of the very thought provoking book “The What Happens If I…Book, How to Make Action Reaction Work For You Instead of Against You”. Are you a victim? Betsy was and learn how [...]

Meria With Agbe Epou -Escape From the Third Dimension

11/27/12 Meria interviews author and spiritual traveler Agbe Epou on his books “A Glimpse of Who We Are” and “Escape From the Third Dimension”. Is the darkside real? Agbe began his journey in W. Africa and traveled the [...]
Michael Reccia

Meria With Michael Reccia – The Fall

9/4/12 Meria Interviews Michael Reccia, professional channel for the Joseph Communications on his latest book “The Fall, You Were There It’s Why You’re Here”. How and why did we get here? Who are we? What are we? Fallen [...]