Meria on Crowded Planet Radio on December 23

1/6/12 Thanks to Bunker Bob at Crowded Planet Radio, his interview with Meria on 12/23/11 is available for everyone on site. Meria was in rare form this evening, and Bob brings out the crazy fun in her and vice versa. Loads of information and [...]
Me & David

Conversations with David – Meria with David Icke

8/30/11 Conversations With David with Meria & David Icke continues. Today we go in depth on Fukishima , the economic crash worldwide, the radiation agenda.the Strauss-Kahn affair and Sarkozy; problem-reaction-solution – the London [...]
The Stars & Our Weather

Stars R Us with Meria Heller & Joseph Anthony

2/911 Stars R Us with Meria Heller & Joseph Anthony. Wild weather worldwide; Is Indonesia next? the Arab nations – the tip of the iceberg; Egypt as a trial balloon – what’s coming? Mars, the planet of war and aggression; [...]
What Is The Moon?

Conversations With David – Meria & David Icke – Today: The Moon

12/15/10 Meria Heller presents “Conversations With David”   David Icke take on Chapter 14 today – “Spaceship Moon” from his excellent book “Human Race Get Off Your Knees, the Lion Sleeps No More”.Show [...]
David Icke

Meria With David Icke – Security, Scanners and Spirit!

11/17/10 Meria Heller interviews David Icke, author of the fabulous book “Human Race Get Off Your Knees, the Lion Sleeps No More” as the human race awakens worldwide! 9/11 truth and the airports; false flags on planes; No problem-reaction-solution; [...]