Me & David

Conversations With David – with Meria and David Icke

8/19/14 Conversations With David with Meria and David Icke.  Wembley Event October 25; “crazy is normal in a crazy world”; Pedophilia exposed – David’s been on it since 1998; vindication? the deadly trio:Secret Societies, [...]

Roaring Truth with Meria and Prof. Jim Fetzer

8/12/14 Roaring Truth with Meria and Prof. Jim Fetzer. Death of Robin Williams; manic depressive;psychic pain into comedy;suicide as a human prerogative; euthanasia;death with dignity;Setting up the Ukraine for WW3; Fukushima at an extinction [...]

The Blasted News with Meria

7/30/14 The Blasted News with Meria.  Israel’s propaganda and US media lapdogs; Congressional Black Caucus endorses Israel (shame); Jews in NYC protest Israel’s apartheid; Ebola spreading in Africa (resources -problem-reaction-solution?); [...]

Meria’s Back with the News!

4/28/14 Meria Returns with the News: Readying for WW3? Warships on the move; Pentagon quietly sends officers to Iraq; US secret jails busted in Afghanistan;NATO & US military buildup on Russia’s border; More sanctions for Russia; [...]

Meria Delivers The News

4/10/14 Meria Delivers the News: gun bracelets? 16 yr old stabs 22 in school; Russia/China decoupling from dollar? Poor moms can’t find jobs; Updates on Fukushima & WIPP; Toyota, Ford recalls; BOA loses; range war? mentally ill in [...]