Meria with Herbert Kohl on “She Would Not Be Moved – Rosa Parks”

Rosa Parks, American Heroine

1/19/06 Meria interviews Herbert Kohl, author of “She Would Not Be Moved, How we Tell the Story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott”. Forget the lies we’ve been taught and find out the truth. Excellent show.




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2 Responses to "Meria with Herbert Kohl on “She Would Not Be Moved – Rosa Parks”"

  1. debalexander2000@aol.com says:

    This is yet another of your shows that demonstrates how much we have always been lied to about our “history.” By focusing on just a few heroic people, this serves to minimize the contribution of all the thousands of people who support and work for a particular cause. This idea becomes ingrained in our subconscious, making us feel that since we are just one person, and clearly not heroic, there is nothing we can do to right the wrongs we see taking place around us. All it takes is one pissed-off person talking to another pissed-off person to ignite a “revolution.” We have seen it done time and time again – but people have to actually talk to each other, agree to focus on a goal, and relentlessly push that goal in spite of how our “culture” continues to encourage us to remain isolated and “entertained,” while we wait for our government to take care of us.

  2. Meria says:

    I loved that show.

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