Meria With David Blume – Alcohol Can Be A Gas! (part 2)

Way to Go!

11/5/08 2nd interview with David Blume, Permaculturist, author of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas” ; WE have to solve the energy problems – can’t wait on politicians; WWII brought back farming and alcohol; war’s insatiable demand for energy; alcohol and WWII; Germans couldn’t use alcohol after WWII; Standard Oil & IG Farben’s deal; rubber from alcohol; Roosevelt’s oil administration; nerve gas & pesticides; Jimmy Carter’s fight against oil companies; Carter’s “Windfall Profit Tax Act of 1980″; subsidies for oil over $5 a gal; Ethanol – liquid solar energy; topsoil is alive; permaculture, polyculture; Myths about alcohol; are people really starving because of ethanol? surplus of corn; the energy to produce oil; dried distiller grain – better for animals; and more “stuff”.


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