Send In the Clowns with Meria & Dave McGowan

Charles Manson

12/31/08 Latest episode of “Send In the Clowns” with Meria and her co-host Dave McGowan. Laurel Canyon popularity; Charles Manson – the King of Laurel Canyon? Steve Martin & Laurel Canyon; Who was Elmer Valentine?Jim Morrisons dad’s death; Doris Day, pregnant at 16; Candace Bergen & Melcher – Manson death house; Terry & Vito and the Freaks; Bruce Jonestone & Phil Spector; The Beach Boys; Lou Costello’s daughter; sexual predators “The golden penetrators”; Manson-mind control-Tate & Polanski; Were their murders staged and why? Spade Cooley -music-murder-parole-death; MK Ultra int he 60’s; Humble “Harve” Miller; David Crosby & Michael Clarke; Why Neil Young?


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