Meria With Jesse Ventura – American Conspiracies

Jesse Ventura “American Conspiracies”

3/17/10 Awesome interview with Jesse Ventura, Former Governor, Wrestler, Author & TV host on his latest book “American Conspiracies“. You won’t hear an interview like this anywhere else! How the book is being received; The flack from Barbara Walters, The View, and Huffington Post; Freedom of speech protects unpopular speech; Assassinations of Lincoln, JFK, MLK,Malcolm X, John Lennon and more, all under govt surveillance beforehand; the 8 co-conspirators in the Lincoln assassination-where is it in history? Manchurian candidates;Mr.X in JFK-Fletcher Prouty; Wall St bailouts- no one went to jail;heroin-taliban-international banks; the planned coup against Franklin Roosevelt; Ellsberg & Castro-Jesse & Meria; privatizing the military-why is that scary? Dr.King’s trial “killed by a conspiracy”; 2 Oswalds; Continuity of Government; Bin Laden-CIA asset (christians in action); Reagan and the attempt on his life; 50% jailed for drug offenses; Infra-Guard-what is it? Jesse’s book has solutions listed in it as well.


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