Meria With Ellen Brown, J.D. – Our Govt in the Banking Business!

Ellen Brown, author “Web of Debt”

4/7/10 Meria interviews Ellen Brown J.D.,attorney and author of “Web of Debt” on her recent work “Student Loans, Government Officially in the Banking Business”. the right to coin money; the Federal Reserve; forced health insurance and the IRS; Bank loans – an accounting entry; banks profit more on defaults; bank subsidies; Green bank? energy bill; school for free after WW2; too big to fail; consolidating small banks;Govt issues bonds, why not currency? simultaneous recession and depression; we no longer have capitalism; unemployment and jobs; the Boston Tea Party was about issuing our own money; is the govt taking over student loans a good thing? socialism; what is the only state owned bank in the country? what about credit unions? our debt is our money supply!


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