Meria With Michael Reccia – Illumination and Revelation

Michael Reccia

9/27/11 Meria Interviews Michael Reccia (see archives) on his books: Revelation:Joseph’s Message and Illumination, Joseph’s Vision. Why are we here? As you think, you create; spiritual revolution is needed; creating illness and suffering; treat the soul; heart over mind over matter;  the danger of transplants; the reason for cremation; loads of dead people already; time is running out-collective field of aura running out of energy; visualize change; love our way out; people on other worlds; constructs of the mind; the no-thing area of consciousness; tricked into keeping the mind occupied; god is a circle; life is a circular arc; rip up your Bible? reincarnation – a bad choice; love is the greatest weapon we have.






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  1. maureen o'brien says:

    Beautiful show.

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