Solid Gold: Meria With Lawrence Rowe Jr “Tempus Fugit”


  11/10/11 One of Meria’s FAVORITE interviews and Books! Lawrence Rowe Jr author of “Some Men Are Great In Any Time, Tempus Fugit”. Suppose Washington, Jefferson and Franklin re-awaken in 2001? How they view our country? money? television? I still can’t wait for the sequel- Meria!  Enjoy enjoy.

This show aired 10/4/06.






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2 Responses to "Solid Gold: Meria With Lawrence Rowe Jr “Tempus Fugit”"

  1. Deborah Alexander says:

    This interview definitely bears repeating!! I forgot about how great the book was. I’m going to go through your site and order five or six of these books to give for non-Xmas presents. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. meria says:

    I loved that book!

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