Meria With Leon R.Walker Jr -Child Abuse Prevention Month

4/30/19 Meria With Leon R. Walker Jr, activist, motivational speaker, author of “Broken, the Survival Instincts of a Child”. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month & Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Leon survived a horrific childhood of abuse and turned into a champion for survivors. The lack of real justice in America; black vs. white, rich vs poor in our justice system; How to stop the cycle of abuse; suicide prevention; how to survive abuse; tell someone; child abuse is soul stealing; triggers & flashbacks; What’s a woman to do? boys get raped too; abuse usually comes from people you know and trust; black stereotypes in the 1970s and today; advise for victims. Eliminate negative people from your life. Very impactful show






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  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    Thank you, Meria, for having Leon on your show. I have to admit, out front, that I was hesitating to listen. Two issues that affect me to my soul are Child Abuse and Animal Abuse. I just have no tolerance for people who can deliberately hurt the most innocent among us. I am so thankful that I decided to listen to Leon’s story, finally, today. What a beautiful person he is! Successful Military Service or not, he has my deepest respect. He is an example of, not just perseverance, but forgiveness. I won’t even start about my opinions on inequality in the U.S., but none of that stopped Leon from achieving his goals. For far too many it is not attainable. Not because of a lack of wanting to move on, but just too many Road Blocks and a sense of hopelessness that prevent them from believing in themselves. Leon is a Shining Light that is so needed for those people. If they can reach out to him and his Life Story, they will find the strength to reach for their own goals. Of that, I am convinced. Thanks again for this inspiring show!

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