Blood and Guts, with Meria & Jack Blood

6/30/20 Blood & Guts, with Meria & Jack Blood.

Coronavirus vs. Covid19; back in the 90’s people said we were crazy; 9/11/01; PNAC; people prove easy to control; surveilling yourself; defund the police; CHAZ in Seattle; George Floyd; trump losing it; Bush on 9/11; too late for trump to drop out; new shut-downs; Texas; Biden & neo-liberals; where is Biden; Bernie & Andrew Yang; Crosscheck; voter suppression; Wall St  & Drug Co’s; The Shock Doctrine; Bill Gates; vaccines; black swan disasters; school; protests; St.Louis; Gangs of New York; cultural revolution; Barr/Epstein; Russian bounties and more.




                                                           20th Year on the net!


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2 Responses to "Blood and Guts, with Meria & Jack Blood"

  1. pbraunschweiler says:

    The only thing wrong with the Blood & Guts Shows is that there aren’t enough of them. Thanks Meria and Jack. Looking forward to the next time!

  2. Meria says:

    thank you!

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