Tragedy and Hope with Meria & Richard Grove

3/29/22 Tragedy and Hope, with Meria and historian Richard Grove. Let’s talk about war crimes; Yemen, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iraq; the true history of the making of Saudi Arabia; St.John Filby; water for oil; British created Saud; Bandar [...]

Hell & High Water with Meria & Chuck Ochelli

2/23/22 Hell & High Water with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. Changes coming up for Chuck; trump & Putin; trump & GOP on Putin’s side (WTF); spoiling for war; both parties for war; Russian propaganda infiltrated U.S. “Media”; [...]

Meria With Richie Allen

5/10/19 Meria Interviews Richie Allen, producer/host of the Richie Allen Show in the UK. Richie’s done radio for ten years; who do you listen to? “alternative, independent”; No Korea – false flag? trump’s constant [...]

News of Planet of the Apes,with Meria

10/3/16 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Trumps 1995 Taxes, freeloader hasn’t paid taxes in 18 yrs;Trump misogynist attacks on Hillary turning people off;VP debate Tuesday;Guiliani and other cheaters (get a mirror);Brexit;Harry [...]

Meria with Michael Horn on Billy Meier’s work

7/20/16 Meria interviews Michael Horn, US Media Representative for Billy Meier; Billy has been giving prophetic information/warnings/solutions since 1951;79 yr old Swiss man contacted at 5 yrs young;over 1200 photos/videos of his contact;spirituality [...]