Awaken With Meria & Monnica

11/17/20 Awaken With Meria & Monnica. How to get rid of toxic emotions; how to identify your emotions; Australian skies last week; Blue Sun, Red Sun by Jack Allis (archived 11/4/20); Covid 19, prepare; Hopi and ancient prophecies; chemtrails [...]

Awaken With Meria and Monnica

10/20/20 Awaken With Meria and Monnica. 2020 seems five years long; repair mode coming; why are we here? checking out; Earth is ascending, are you? this too shall pass; reincarnation; “I am love”; grow from experience; past lives; [...]

Awaken With Meria & Monnica

9/15/20 Awaken With Meria & Monnica. Fires in California, what’s it like? living on Mars; 14,000 lightning strikes; the “New Age” and Blavatsky & Crowley-devil worshippers; the Earth changes; drought, fire, snow, hurricanes; [...]

Awaken with Meria & Monnica

8/18/20 Awaken With Meria & Monnica. How to achieve peace amidst the chaos; spirituality is application; want correct information? connect to the source; 3rd eye; Geo Engineering; free will; visualizations; turn your light back on; power [...]

Awaken With Meria & Monnica

7/21/20 Awaken With Meria & Monnica. Tips for staying balanced in an “Armed Madhouse”; What are power pieces? take your power back from the outer world; What to do to stay out of the fray; how to live in peace; how to protect [...]