Meria With Serge Kahili King, Part 2

4/24/14 Part Two of Meria interviewing Dr.Serge Kahili King, Huna on shamanism, the Aloha Spirit and more. Originally recorded on January 24, 2000. Enjoy.     SUBSCRIBE TO LISTEN     NO ADVERTISING, GOVT OR CORPORATION FUNDING. [...]

Meria with Dr.Serge Kahili King, Huna

4/23/14 Solid Gold: Meria interviews the top Huna, Dr.Serge Kahili King. This show originally aired January 24, 2000. Today is part one. Learn about shamanism, the Aloha spirit and more. Meria had the privilege of meeting him years ago in Hawaii.     SUBSCRIBE [...]

Meria With Dr.Serge Kahili King – Hawaii’s #1 Huna

11/11/07 Meria had the pleasure of meeting Dr.King in person in Hawaii many years ago, then the pleasure of interviewing him on her radio show on KFNX on 6/8/99. Here it is for you to learn about Huna and the Aloha spirit. A true find! SUBSCRIBE [...]