Meria With Jesse Ventura – Uncensored!

4/7/11 Meria interviews Jesse Ventura on his latest book “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You To Read”. Hear Jesse like you don’t hear him anywhere else – uncensored, real and quite a few laughs too. Hold [...]

Meria With Will Thomas

1/16/08 Will Thomas returns to the show to discuss his EXCELLENT book “Days of Deception, Ground Zero & Beyond”. This is the most exciting book I’ve read in a long time. 9/11/01 in real time; what do to now – emergence; Doom [...]

Meria With Rowland Morgan – Flight 93 Revealed

4/30/07 Rowland Morgan joins Meria to discuss the BEST book on Flight 93 ever  – Flight 93 Revealed, What Really Happened on the 9/11 “Let’s Roll” flight”. Anyone that can believe the official story and fantasy [...]

Meria With Professor Steven Jones – Why the Buildings Came Down on 9/11/01

7/25/06 Meria interviews Professor Steven Jones of Brigham Young University about the demolitions on 9/11/01. what is thermite and thermate? national myth of 9/11; untraceability of thermite,the perfect weapon; cutter charges; molten metal [...]

Meria With Jim Marrs on 9/11/01

7/11/06 Meria interviews Jim Marrs on the 9/11 conspiracy.”Inside Job”; CIA & Bin Laden; Pentagon BOMBED at 9:32 am before the missile hit; was 9/11 an insurance scam? 1984 written in 1948; Enron’s lucky break when Bldg [...]