Awaken With Meria & Monnica

8/16/22 Awaken With Meria & Monnica. Happy isn’t just one of the 7 Dwarfs; external world brings down your vibration; why do we diminish ourselves? ; visualization; joy and happiness; Attitude helps in healing; lack of self love=pain; [...]

Tragedy and Hope, with Meria & Richard Grove

4/10/19 Tragedy and Hope, with Meria & Richard Grove. Waking up; learning is fun; do you live your life by others telling you what to do? How to break free; learned helplessness is a symptom; Naturopaths vs. Alopathic doctors; Trader Joe’s; [...]

Meria with Ariane de Bonvoisin -Giggles and Joy!

10/23/18 Meria interviews author, teacher Ariane de Bonvoisin on her excellent series of spiritual book for children “Giggles & Joy”. We focus on our children’s minds and bodies but not their spirit; fairy tales or truth? [...]

Pursuing Happiness with Meria and Adam Shell, Producer

6/15/16 Meria interviews Adam Shell, Documentarian on his film “Pursuing Happiness”. Happiness is an inside job;”Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – what happened? USA is #23 on the happiness list;80% [...]