Meria With The News

8/28/23 Meria With The News. DeSantis booed -3 killed in Jacksonville; trumps pissed at everyone/everything-going nuts; Bob Barker dead; Latest on very suspicious fires in Maui; Maui & 9/11 similarities; directed energy weapons; Biden wants [...]

Meria With The News

8/17/23 Meria With The News trumps latest indictments; Arizona to indict trump; Latest on Maui; Rudy’s broke, the mobsters he put away are laughing; trumps insane tweets; trump fan threatens judge; trump still witness tampering; Jenna [...]

Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli

6/13/23 Hell & High Water, with Meria and Chuck Ochelli. trumps arraignment; bomb scare; security costs; Nazi’s at Disney; trump & the Taliban; competing reality shows; indictments; the cost to fix what he’s exposed; Grifting [...]