Meria with David Icke

¬†5/30/17 Conversations With David. Meria with David Icke. What we’ve talked about for decades is now happening;Owellian extreme; censorship to fight “terrorism”; war on media; challenging the narrative on social media and [...]

Roaring Truth With Meria and Jim Fetzer

5/12/15 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. We don’t leave much out today. Baltimore – a contrived event;the movie “Selma”; federalizing the police their goal;cops trained in Israel;Obama-extension of Bush admin;Loretta [...]

Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer

3/10/15 Roaring Truth with Meria and Professor Jim Fetzer¬†“the Real Deal”. 47 Republican traitors in violation of the Logan Act in Congress;Netanyahu’s speech of lies;Iran hasn’t attacked anyone since 1775; Israel’s [...]

The Blasted News with Meria

10/23/14 The Blasted News with Meria. Prison for life for pot – no jail for rapist prison guard; Alabama, the good, bad and ugly;Fukushima destroyed Pacific for centuries to come (where’s the panic?); BCBS rates rising;4 Blackwater [...]

Blood and Guts with Meria and Jack Blood

10/22/14 Blood and Guts with Meria and Jack Blood. The old days for Meria and Jack at KFNX radio; the stolen election of 2000, what part did the new “ebola czar” play? Who is Ron Klain? Another Bush coming to office? “great [...]