Meria With The News

7/31/23 Meria With The News. Russia; people crime; cop crime;  slavery was not beneficial; recalls; Illegal bio lab found in Reedley, Ca; RFK Jr on ethnically targeted bio weapons; Robert Chambers free; 2025; ticks & red meat allergies; [...]

Meria With The News

7/27/23 Meria With the News Sinead O’Connor died; Biden’s latest; McConnell’s computer glitch/stroke; Hunter Biden; heat continues; wildfires; Ocean at 101 in Fla; dead whales, attacking sea lions; Gulf Stream Collapse; Guiliani [...]

Meria With Bev Conover, Editor “Intrepid Report”

5/6/20 Meria With Bev Conover , Editor of the Intrepid Report. More insanity every day; Project BESTT; Medicare, Social Security, AI education on chopping block; Americans don’t like intelligent people; trump represents his cult only; [...]