Meria With Aaron Kaplan – Return of the Annunaki

   11/1/11  Meria interviews author Aaron Kaplan on his book “Deep Analysis, Frightening Conclusion“. Aaron is a former 35 yr employee of the aerospace/aircraft industry as well as an author. Long time student of UFOlogy Aaron has written quite the controversial book. The bigger story of Roswell; govt manipulation of truth; what do they know about 2012? multiple crashes at Roswell; who were they? DNA; Nephilim; the Bible as a history book; Grays? are they real? what are they? Book of Enoch; shape shifters/angels; Niburu; Elenin; Noah, a hybrid; Fatima Prophecy #3 – Lucifer is God; Gamma G barrier and trapped Nephilim; return of the Annunaki 12/21/12 or earlier? Uranium 235 during WW2? why 1000 nuke tests in Nevada? Dead Sea Scrolls; the Vatican’s power over everything and the SIV stamp; it’s not a “mayan” calendar; Marduk & Thoth; black mass of gravity heading towards Earth? why did they kill the SETI project? the Lacross mission; abductions; Ishtar – the Goddess; Mars (Tiamat); the Spear of Destiny; Iraq – Hussein- Stargates; antiquities; why did we invade Grenada, what was found there? Operation “Urgent Fury”; the Nazi’s and the Nephilim and much more.

** Take this show with an open mind and discernment. Due to material this show is ninety minutes.





"We all heard of the crash at Roswell, and most of us heard
and read regarding the subject of alien abductions in one form
or another. For many of us who attended Bible study or religious
schools, we learned of the fallen angels, which sometimes are
referred to as the “Nefilim.” We learned about Noah’s ark, Moses
and his brother, and spokesman, Aaron, and the pyramids. And in
the twentieth century, we all know about the two atomic bombs,
one that was dropped over Hiroshima and the other dropped over
Nagasaki in Japan at the end of World War II.
But until you read in simple English, without using any fancy
math formulas to confuse you, until you read this book, you’ll never
know the truth, the plain truth as it occurred, and now as I see it,
after I interpreted certain records, including some parts of the Bible
that allegedly may be—I repeat, may be—incomplete, due to missing
information that we must now be aware of and need to know.
To write this book, I researched many sources of information;
read the works of such great writers such as Zecharia Sitchin, Michael
Tsarion, Glenn Kimball, Lynn Marzulli, Patric Heron, and more;
reviewed all the records available to me from other numerous books
and many Internet sites, television shows; and from listening to many
very popular midnight radio talk shows."
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10 Responses to "Meria With Aaron Kaplan – Return of the Annunaki"

  1. Alida Rens says:

    I loved this show.

    Thanks :)

  2. meria says:

    thanks Alida! Some of the material may be a tad strange to many, but it’s all feasible. Quite the book.

  3. hchofien says:

    I haven’t read the book, but wow, the interview offers a facinating, mind-expanding, interpretation of mythology and Mr Kaplan told it in such an animated, but purposefully elusive (is this part of the marketing tactics?) manner that if I were a person wearied of the world and everything in it, I would probably be glad that comes winter solstics of 2012 – or before – some beings would come and wipe the slate clean – no more bickering, no more fighting, no debt etc. While listening to Mr Kaplan, I couldn’t help wondering what would be more rewarding to the author – putting great fear into the audience/listeners/readers or the royalties from the title?

  4. Meria says:

    Ha, this guy’s book is no best seller, and we weren’t selling the book, although I recommend it. We barely touched on the info in it, so I am having him back on in December. Most people loved this show, fear is something
    generated from within, not without.

  5. Deborah Alexander says:

    I had to go out on the patio and smoke three cigs just to get through the whole interview. So much information – much of it familiar; most of it new. Loved the allusion to this being a “prison planet.” That would certainly explain why 99% of us work our fingers to the bone from early adulthood until they throw the dirt onto our faces and why the other 1% are so weapons-development/location-driven.

  6. meria says:

    It’s a life changing amount of information for sure. If you’re smoking through it, hopefully you are rolling your own American Spirit smokes, minus 1,000 plus chemicals. hugs.

  7. maureen o'brien says:

    I waited to hear this one until the 2nd interview came out, because it turns the upside-down world over and on it’s head again. That was after the first ten minutes. Aaron’s out there, but he connects a LOT of crazy dots! ‘God is Lucifer’ was the big Fatima WOW. I had to burn a little medicine too!

  8. meria says:

    Yes, Aaron’s work my seem “out there” but his book (and it’s relatively a small one) is packed with info.
    There is a war going on for human souls indeed……..what one does to succeed is their choice. Crazy dots indeed. People don’t realize that even the Mormons originally called themselves “Lucifereans”. Read: The God Makers. Even the bible says “the whole world lies in the hands of the wicked ones”. Crazy days indeed.

  9. darling says:

    In these times it is important to keep an open mind to the potential and possibility of anything and everything. Great interview, Meria. Fascinating.

  10. Meria says:

    yes indeed.

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