Conversations with David with Meria & David Icke

11/25/15 Conversations With David. Meria with David Icke on the “now” of current events;Once you understand the hidden agenda it’s easy to predict;Potential for WW3 on deck as planned a long time ago – world control/fascist/police [...]

Born in the 1940’s-We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer

11/24/15 Born in the 1940’s, We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer. “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” banned and disappeared by Amazon; Amazon wiped the slate clean and isn’t printing them;Get a free copy of the book at Jim’s [...]

Meria With Roger Stone -The Clintons War on Women

11/20/15 Meria interviews political operative and pundit Roger Stone on his latest book “The Clintons War On Women“. Suppressed info on the Clintons by the MSM;Bill & China;Bills’ consensual affairs and Bill’s sexual [...]

Meria with Rick Simpson -Run From The Cure

11/18/15 Meria interviews Rick Simpson Author & activist on the healing properties of Cannabis. The movie on you tube: Run From the Cure; Instructions to make the oil and how to take it on Rick’s site; Rick is NOT connected to any [...]

Blood and Guts with Meria and Jack Blood

11/17/15 Blood & Guts returns with Meria & Jack Blood.  Paris, a distraction and more work for us;Who benefits? cancelling the climate summit;Agenda 2030;Paris in lockdown; State sponsored terrorism;are good people really good? selective [...]


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