Born in the 1940s We Remember -with Meria and Jim Fetzer

5/24/16 Born in the 1940’s We Remember with Meria and Jim Fetzer.¬†BRICS nation coup’s – Venezuela & Brazil vs. the IMF; Sanders-Trump-Hillary;kissing the ring of Kissinger and AIPAC;endless wars;Wesley Clarks revelations;Libya-Iran;Adelson [...]

Meria interviewed on the Ochelli Effect

5/22/16 This is a two hour interview of Meria on Chuck Ochelli’s show aired on 5/13/16. Don’t think there are any topics we didn’t discuss. Chuck does a great job, so check out his work. Support Independent Media. Enjoy.             SUBSCRIBE [...]

Conversations with David -Meria with David Icke

5/18/16 Conversations with David. Meria with David Icke. David kicks off his “Worldwide Wake Up Tour” -exciting;tee shirt of Hillary & Trump-this choice is no choice; no political solutions, only spiritual ones. One party system, [...]

Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer

5/10/16 Roaring Truth with Meria and Jim Fetzer. Ted Cruz disappeared-why? Rafael Cruz and the assassination of JFK; 3 tramps;the photos;Judyth Vary Baker met Rafael when with Lee;Rafael fled to Canada afterwards working for Zapata Oil (Bush)came [...]

Stars R Us – with Meria and Astrologer Joseph Anthony

5/3/16 Stars R Us, monthly astrology show with Meria and Joseph Anthony. Feeling tired? nutty? Relax, 5 planets are retrograding;the election “carnival show” and ego/power;May is about re-assessing our values and belief systems;emotional [...]


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